Land Love Unfolding

Loving a good land is easy, but finding a way to truly belonging in it is a unique challenge for every newcomer.

My artistic journey started in the nineties when I arrived here. In those early years of curiosity, painting Vancouver’s cityscapes reflected my most urgent inquiries: Can I live here? Can I be a part of this place? Will I be accepted?

Over the following decade, I traveled extensively through western Canada and let the landscape burn its patterns into my mind and heart, resulting in my Glacier to Ocean series. This body of work helped me to fully immerse myself in the visual language of the land. I soaked in the shapes, forms, and colours of our mountains, lakes, and coastline, reinterpreting them in the paint. As I watched the paintings emerge and leave my studio to join homes and collections of art lovers, I finally felt the connection. I became a part of this land. I belonged.

My commitment to further pursue this artistic direction became even stronger, followed by Patterns of Our Land and Snow bodies of work.

The current phase of my journey deals with responsibility. At first glance, my new series Good Land celebrates the natural beauty of Western Canada. But it also brings up its pain-points and fragility. I am using the visual language the landscape has taught me, to converse with it. Still in awe of what it says to me, a new question arises these days: Can these places be saved?

This will be a continuous project as I keep discovering locations that beg this question and making paintings that express my deepest feelings for this good land.